Discover the future of vehicle control!

  • Designed to Replace Traditional Steering Wheels
  • Offers Easy Access to Your Console and Dashboard
  • Features a Single Spoke Attached to the Central Hub of the Steering Column
  • Also Equipped with a Speed Knob
  • Provides Rapid Control, Improved Visibility, Effortless Ingress and Egress


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John E. Entry IV. of Okeechobee, FL has created EZ-Steer - a product designed to replace traditional steering wheels and offer enhanced visibility and easy access to your console and dashboard.

Traditional steering wheels often obstruct a driver's view of important dashboard displays. This issue, coupled with the fact that they can make entering and exiting the drivers seat difficult, spurred John to seek a more user-friendly solution. Inspired by his own need for better console visibility on his boat, he developed EZ-Steer. This new design enhances ease of use, providing a safer and more efficient driving experience.

But how does it work? This innovative design features a single spoke attached to the central hub of the steering column and is equipped with a speed knob for quick and efficient control. Experience the simplicity of one-handed operation. Say goodbye to cumbersome steering wheels that obstruct your view and make entry or exit difficult. With EZ-Steer, you can enjoy rapid control, improved visibility, and effortless ingress and egress.

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