EZ Solar Pool Cover

After trying it once, youll never go back to a solid solar pool cover again!

  • Series of Long Panels
  • Unroll to Cover the Entire Surface of Pool
  • Keeps Pool Clean and Warm
  • Quick and Easy
  • Almost Anyone Can Uncover a Pool on Their Own


Patent Issue & Other Patents Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Bevilacqua of Wintersville, OH has created an innovative new easy-to-remove pool cover.

The idea came to mind after struggling endlessly with the traditional solid piece solar cover for his above ground pool. At the time, his wife and two young daughters were not able to remove it themselves. It was heavy, bulky, and awkward. If they were planning to swim that day, before Mark left for work, he would have to wrestle the solid solar cover off the pool with his wife. There it would stay, on the ground, until he arrived home in the evening, hours after they had finished swimming. They then tried the reel system to roll up the solar cover. This, too, required Marks assistance to roll it up and pivot it around and out of the pool. Later they attached a safety fence around the pool which rendered the reel system impossible to use. They just knew there had to be another way. In turn, Mark developed the EZ Solar Cover!

The invention is comprised of a series of long panels that unroll to cover the entire surface of the pool. The size of the pool determines how many panels are needed. The panels are so easy to manage that almost anyone will be able to uncover a pool on their own! The invention also makes it very easy for one person to recover the pool to help keep it clean and warm. This invention has stood the test of time and weather. At the end of the season, the panels are simply cleaned and stored until needed again.

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