EZ Grooming Harness & More

Stress-free pet grooming!

  • - Hooks to a Wall Mount at the Level You Place It
  • - Restrains Pet Without Leverage
  • - Lets You Groom Pet with Ease
  • - Available in Various Sizes
  • - Ideal for Groomers, Vet Offices, or Home Use


Design Patent - D944,465

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Angela Hurst and Gail Pecor of Baxter, TN have created an innovative new harness for stress-free pet grooming.

The idea was born after years of struggling to groom their pets. The feet always seem to be the most sensitive part of an animal. Often a pet will bite if their feet are getting poked and prodded. Angela and Gail just knew there had to be another way. They believed containing a pet without leverage would help. With that concept in mind, they developed the EZ Grooming Harness & More. Their idea has been successfully tested and now it is ready for market!

The invention hooks to a wall mount at the level you place it and hangs in midair. You will simply put your pet into the harness and strap them in. This will restrain them without leverage, enabling you to groom them with ease. You can either sit or stand to clip or file their nails. Not only will it be easier on you, it will be less traumatic to the pet. With them in the harness, there will be no pulling or tugging and it will stop them from wanting to bite. The invention will be ideal for groomers, vet offices, or home use! Various sizes are possible.

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