EZ Glide Beach Caddy

Easily slides over twigs, rocks, shells, and other debris until you have tracked down that perfect spot on the beach!

  • Side with Roller for Use on Pavement
  • Rounded Smooth Side to Easily Slide Over Sand
  • Adjustable Arms Especially for Beach Chairs
  • Side Rings for Inserting a Beach Umbrella
  • Optional Lock
  • Will Be Available in Multiple Sizes to Accommodate One Person to a Whole Family


Design Patent #D832,576

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jennifer Schultz lives near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, one of the most popular beaches along the east coast in the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland & Virginia) area. There are many beach towns along this coastline from Rehoboth Beach, DE through Ocean City, MD to Virginia Beach, VA.

One of the challenges every beach goer faces is trying to get their beach supplies from their car to the available spot on the beach they have their eye on. For most, it is a pretty exhausting experience. Yet the only product available is with a wheeled wagon or cart. Let it be known that wheels do not travel through thick, hilly sand and beach debris. It is like lugging your beach gear through a foot of snow.

This is when Ms. Schultz had the idea for a product that would slide ON TOP of the sand, as opposed to trying to pull a wheeled wagon through it. Her light bulb idea became the EZ Glide Beach Caddy. This caddy takes the struggle out of getting your gear from your car, to the best spot on the beach.

Users will fill the caddy with supplies and close it up via its latch with an optional lock. Adjustable arms have been added especially for beach chairs, while side rings offer a spot for inserting an umbrella. While on hard pavement, the caddy is used on its side with the roller and is pulled along until a user reaches the sand. It is then turned over to its opposite side: a rounded smooth surface specially designed for increased slide-ability.

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Additional Information

*Optional feature would include a lever that would bring down the roller thus eliminating the need to turn caddy over.
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