A new low-stress, low-mess tool for DIY hair coloring!

  • Easy to Understand for Beginners
  • Helps Control Where the Coloring Goes
  • Even Application and Spread
  • No Spills or Splatter
  • Can Be Used with One or More Colors or Highlights


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas H. Wiese of White Settlement, TX has created a low-stress, low-mess tool for DIY hair coloring.

Whether to cover greys or update a current hair color, hair dyeing is often performed in a beauty salon, but sometimes may be done at home using a home applicator kit. While many kits make use of a single color, you may want to use several colors or apply highlights. Even application of a variety of colors, however, is not easily accomplished when two or more applicator tools are required. In turn, Thomas was inspired to create a DIY hair color product to assist as many people as possible. While beneficial for all, he wanted the product to be especially helpful to single moms, youth, and the homeless. Now, EZ Duz It has been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention features an applicator brush and a base. The base holds the hair coloring and has dividers to keep multiple dyes separate. To begin use, place the applicator brush in the base and rotate the brush head, coating the bristles in the coloring. Next, simply brush your hair with the applicator brush to quickly and easily apply the hair dye where you want it. The invention helps you control where the coloring goes and even use multiple dyes with less mess no salon visit required!

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