EZ Clean Nutsetter

An easier and more reliable way to eject shavings with a single stroke!

  • Ease of Shaving Removal
  • Improves the Quality of Finished Product
  • Helps to Maintain Finish Warranty on Painted Surfaces
  • Eliminates Premature Corrosion on Fastener Head
  • Internally Secured Magnet Will Not Fall Out or Fail


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

The idea for self-drilling fasteners began in the 1960's. The EZ Clean Nutsetter was conceived in the spring of 2009. The concept came about after several building erection specialists and professional contractors complained about maintenance issues with the industry standard magnetic nutsetters that began to fail the contractors. The most common issue was the time and effort required to keep the wrenched opening clean and clear of metal shavings. When shavings collect in abundance, the fastener will not orient itself perpendicular to the panel or the fastener will not stay in the tool itself. Hot and sharp metal shavings can and will embed themselves into painted metal surfaces and fasteners that will ultimately cause rust and corrosion. The EZ Clean Nutsetter provides a solution to the above issues.

This clever invention delivers an easier and more reliable way to eject shavings with a single stroke! It is also a more durable tool in comparison to the standard exposed retaining magnet that is subject to dislodging after heavy use. A cleaner, faster, and more reliable installation saves time and expense. It also provides for an unblemished finish to the fastener head.

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