Eye-Cover with Audio Transmitter

The Eye-Cover with Audio Transmitter is a sleeping mask with electronic sound masking capabilities.

  • Blocks Light and Unwanted Sounds
  • Comfortable and Can Be Worn for Hours
  • Plays Sounds like Gentle Ocean Waves, Soft Rain, or Soothing Music
  • Powered by “C” Battery
  • Great for Those Working the Night Shift or Migraine Sufferers


Utility Patent # 10,383,769

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Juanita Miller of Chicago, IL has created a sleeping mask with electronic sound masking capabilities.

Many people work at night and must sleep during the day. Eye masks can be helpful to block out light, hopefully leading to a more restful and quality sleep. However, sounds such as traffic, construction, or even family members walking about the home can cause interruptions in sleep. These same problems exist for those who are light sleepers, those who may be ill, or even those just trying to catch a brief nap in the middle of the day.

Inventor Miller gets migraine headaches and like with many people, light really irritates them. One evening she put her eye mask on and thought to herself, I wish I had some soothing sounds to help me relax. This is when her idea for the Eye-Cover with Audio Transmitter was born.

This clever new invention blocks light and unwanted sounds. The mask is comfortable and can be worn for hours. Two small earphones hang down from the elastic head strap so users can listen to relaxing sounds like gentle ocean waves, soft rain, or soothing music, if desired. The device is powered by C battery. It is especially great for those home after working the night shift or migraine sufferers.

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