Extension Ladder Work Station

Work right from your position on an extension ladder!

  • Better Center of Gravity
  • Non-Slip/Non-Scuffing Pad
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Tray Conveniently Holds Everything for a Job
  • Can Be Attached to Virtually Any Extension Ladder


Utility Patent #10,619,416

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jim Snell of Canada has created an attachment that allows workers instant access to tools, supplies, and materials they need while on a ladder.

From working in construction, Snell knew that an extension ladder was only for getting up and down. Extension ladders do not provide a work area or storage area for the person on the ladder. This means the person must carry any tools or supplies needed for a task in their hands, pockets, or tool belt. This obviously compromises safety and leads to great frustration. In turn, Snell was inspired to create the Extension Ladder Work Station!

With this innovative new ladder attachment, users will now be able to work right from their position on an extension ladder! The inventions non-slip/non-scuffing pad gives the ladder a more secure hold to the wall for added safety and security - something an extension ladder without this device just cannot provide. Adjustable arms will hold the ladder away from a wall, so users can have easy access to gutters, soffit, or fascia. A tray has also been incorporated to conveniently hold everything needed for a job. Best of all, the invention can be used with any extension ladder! Yes, the one you own now!

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