Exfoliating Mat

The Exfoliating Mat is a bathmat with a layer of pumice for use when getting out of the shower or bath.

  • Effectively Removes Dead Skin from Under Feet
  • Works like an Emery Board
  • Waterproof Vibrating Mechanism
  • Hands-free; No Bending Required
  • Especially Great for the Elderly, Disabled, or Diabetic
  • Vibrating Mechanism Massages Feet While Exfoliating


Utility Patent #10,639,073

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kristina Serna of Arcadia, CA has created a bathmat with a layer of pumice for use when getting out of the shower or bath.

During or shortly after the bathing process, some individuals may prefer to remove excess skin from their feet to improve their appearance, comfort, and smoothness. To do so, they will use a scouring device, such as a pumice stone or something similar. However, using a handheld device like this can be tricky when trying to reach your feet. Inventor Serna was inspired to come up with a solution after seeing her mother struggle to remove the dead skin from her feet after an accident required her to undergo hip surgery. In turn, she created the Exfoliating Mat!

This clever new invention is a bathmat that works like an emery board. It features a waterproof vibrating mechanism that works to exfoliate for you. The device is hands-free; no bending is required. While great for everyone, it will be especially ideal for the elderly, disabled, or diabetics because keeping feet clean is essential in staying healthy.

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