Exact Golf Tool

At one end, golfers will find a divot repair tool. At the other end, a golf ball marker.

  • Two Tools in One
  • Marks Balls Exactly and Fixes Divots
  • Fully Compliant with Rules of Golf
  • Easy to Use
  • Must-have for Amateur and Professional Golfers Alike


Design Patents #D826,355; #D828,887, #D890,873

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael J. Kenny of Jupiter, FL has created a golf tool with dual purpose. At one end, users will find a divot repair tool. At the other end, a golf ball marker.

A ball marker is generally a circular disc or coin that is placed behind a golf ball to allow it to be lifted and cleaned. According to the rules of golf, the ball should be placed back on the exact spot from which it was lifted. However, with current ball markers or coins, its highly unlikely the ball gets replaced on the exact spot. In fact, many high-profile professional golfers have actually been penalized for not replacing the ball correctly. With high definition TV coverage, little goes unnoticed! In turn, Inventor Kenny has created the Exact Golf Tool!

Not only will this tool mark your golf balls exact spot so it can be lifted, cleaned, and replaced properly, it serves another function too. At the other end, users will find a divot repair tool. This will be convenient since it is proper etiquette for the player to repair the divot when it occurs. Now a player can perform TWO essential functions on the green with this new dual-purpose tool.

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