Every Woman’s Little Black Bag

A comical way to ring in a 50th birthday!

  • Consists of a Card, Gift Bag, and Balloon
  • Unique and Amusing
  • Makes Light of Growing Older
  • Each Item in the Bag Explains the Things Needed to Function on a Daily Basis
  • Lets One Celebrate the Many Experiences and Accomplishments They’ve Had Over 5 Decades


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Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Linda Croshon of Mobile, AL has created a comical new way to celebrate a friend or family members 50th birthday!

The idea was born when her sister reached her 50th birthday. It started out as a humorous birthday card, but Linda wanted to make things a little more interesting! To add on to the idea, she filled a gift bag with amusing items that are needed as we age. She also added a balloon. This was just the first step in what is now being marketed as Every Womans Little Black Bag!

How it works: The birthday person is presented with the gift bag. A funny card is taken out and read in front of the party guests for everyones amusement. Each item in the bag represents the things we need to function on a daily basis and makes light of growing older. The items allow everyone to laugh and celebrate the many experiences and accomplishments made over five decades. The birthday balloon also has comical rhetoric and should be placed on the table in front of the birthday person for all to see.

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