Helps weightlifters at all levels achieve safe and symmetrical results.

  • Bubble Level Attaches Directly to a Weight Bar or Workout Bar
  • Ensures Weight Bar Is Kept Level During Workout
  • Prevents User from Favoring One Side of the Body Over the Other
  • Easy-to-Use Rear Clasp Works with Equipment of Almost Any Size
  • Can Be Left on Equipment or Moved from One Bar to Another as Needed


Utility Patent - 11,698,253

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kyle A. Axe of Silverdale, WA and Daniel J. Geary of Bremerton, WA have created a bubble level to help weightlifters achieve safe and symmetrical results.

Lifting weights is one of the best ways you can supercharge your fitness routine. However, a common mistake is failing to keep your weight or workout bar level, causing you to favor one side over the other. Using poor form keeps you from getting the most out of your workout and can even cause injury. The idea for this product was born while listening to others talk about uneven muscle gain. During underways on naval vessels, there was the possibility of having unproportioned workouts due to the waves rocking the boat and making it impossible to maintain a balanced form. There is no excuse for this on dry land. In turn, Kyle and Daniel were inspired to develop EvenKeel!

The invention is a bubble level that attaches directly to a weight bar or workout bar. An easy-to-use rear clasp works with equipment of almost any size. The bubble level makes it easy for you, or a spotter, to check your position to ensure your form is even. When you complete your set, simply detach the invention and move on to the next station or stow it in your gym bag until needed again.

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