Ergonomic Gaming Laptop with Rotating Latch Mechanism

Gaming on a laptop has never been easier or more comfortable!

  • Simple to Use
  • Screen Rotates Out Counterclockwise
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Screen Rotates Clockwise if Needed
  • Makes Gaming More Enjoyable


Utility Patent - 11,216,027

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Anthony Ryan Montuya of Signal Hill, CA has created a gaming laptop with improved ergonomics for more comfortable play.

While playing first-person shooters on his gaming laptop, Montuya realized how much more comfortable it would be to play on a gaming PC. However, he would not favor a gaming PC if the laptop screen rotated out from the left side, and so, he looked online to see if he could find a laptop with the rotating latch feature. After coming up emptyhanded, he was inspired to create the Ergonomic Gaming Laptop with Rotating Latch Mechanism!

Users will simply boot up the laptop and log on. Whenever they are ready to play their first-person shooter game, the computers rotating latch will allow them to rotate their screen out counterclockwise for improved ergonomics and comfort while gaming. The screen can also be rotated clockwise, if needed.

This idea can be compared to gun attachments. An HK UMP will fire and hit a target without any extra gun attachments, but with vertical foregrip, the gun becomes more controllable. It makes holding the gun more comfortable or more ergonomic.

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