EPZ Bucket Platform

Better protects power line workers from electrical dangers while in an aerial lift.

  • For Use by Electrical Linemen Working from Aerial Bucket Trucks
  • Increases Safety
  • Places Workers at Same Electrical Potential as Power Lines
  • Drastically Reduces Risk of Shock and Burn from Static Induction
  • Allows Linemen to Work Comfortably and More Efficiently


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

The Inventor has created a product that allows workers in an aerial bucket truck to more safely work on high voltage overhead de-energized electrical lines.

Electrical linemen commonly find themselves working on live overhead lines. The pressure to reduce electrical outages often outweigh the increased risks of shock, electrocution, and burns. These linemen rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) such as insulated suits, head shields, and thick insulated gloves for protection against high voltages. Unfortunately, all of this PPE makes the work process take longer and increases the chance of heat-related stress in hot weather. Most notably, since the work takes longer, the lineman is now exposed to danger over a longer period of time which ultimately results in more accidents. As a lineman himself, Paul just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the EPZ Bucket Platform!

The invention keeps workers safe while they are working aloft within an insulated bucket truck. It puts the line worker at the same electrical potential as the de-energized EPZ grounded line being worked. This drastically reduces the risk of shock and burn from static induction caused by adjacent energized high voltage circuits. In return, the invention allows linemen to work comfortably and be more efficient while preforming their work tasks.

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