Emergency Beacon

A highly visible indicating system for disabled vehicles on the roadside.

  • Attaches to the Roof of Your Disabled Vehicle
  • Four Different Light Options to Indicate Why You Are on the Roadside
  • Light Can Be Seen Up to 100 Yards Away
  • Can Even Be Seen in Bright Sunshine
  • Helps Emergency Vehicles Better Understand Why Your Vehicle Is Disabled


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William Ziegler of West Plains, MO has developed a highly visible indicating system for disabled vehicles on the roadside.

As automobile claims adjuster, William was often unsettled by the sight of stranded vehicles on the roadside during his travels across two states. The potential danger these vehicles posed, particularly at night and on treacherous roads, prompted him to create a solution. Recognizing the need for a visible warning system, William invented the Emergency Beacon. This device will significantly enhance the visibility of disabled vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents and making roads safer for everyone.

But how does it work? Now, if you run out of gas, have a mechanical issue, a flat tire, or a medical situation arises, the invention can be attached to the roof of your disabled vehicle. One of four different lights can be selected to indicate the reason you are on the roadside. The light can be seen up to 100 yards away, even in bright sunlight. Plus, based on your color selection, emergency vehicles will now be able to understand why your vehicle is disabled and offer appropriate assistance.

The Emergency Beacon is now ready for market! Want to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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