The Electronic Watch Re-Charging Adapter (Flic-Hub) is an on-the-go charging station for the Apple Watch and similar watches.

  • Recharges Watch Anytime, Anywhere
  • Holds Watch Still for Complete Charging
  • Supports Both Watch and Strap
  • Works with Accessory and USB Ports
  • Compatible with Almost Any Vehicle


Utility Patent # 10,367,367

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Keith A. Jacobs of Terrace, BC has created an on-the-go charging station for the Apple Watch and similar watches.

One of the latest electronic devices to hit the mobile communication market is the Apple Watch. Several similar watches are now on the market, too. With heavy use, these watches have to be recharged during the day. Recharging is easy in a stationary environment, however, recharging in a motor vehicle proves more difficult.

As an IT tech who spends much of his day on the road, Inventor Jacobs definitely found this to be true. He wanted to use his watch for sleep tracking, but the limited battery life made it impossible to use the watch during the night and during the day. As a result, he had to recharge his watch while in transit. Unfortunately, the magnets in the factory chargers were not very strong and trying to charge the watch on the passenger seat simply didnt work. Hed go over a bump and the watch would lose charging connection. In turn, he was inspired to create the Electronic Watch Re-Charging Adapter!

This clever new invention will recharge a watch anytime, anywhere. It holds the watch still for complete charging. It supports both the watch and the strap. The device works with accessory, USB ports, or a standard 110 volt outlet. Its compatible with almost any vehicle. To learn more or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!

Additional Information

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