Electrical Equipment Dust Collection System

A specially developed hand-held unit that has everything you need to thoroughly clean your electronics!

  • Combines the Power of Compressed Air and a Blow Gun with the Precision of a Vacuum Hose
  • Helps You Displace and Eliminate Dust Without Harming Delicate Equipment
  • Bright LED So You Don't Miss Any Spots
  • Ensures Proper Operation of Equipment
  • Transparent in Design


Utility Patent - 11,484,163

Story Behind the Invention

Introducing a specially developed hand-held unit that has everything you need to thoroughly clean your electronics.

The invention was inspired through the inventors work in the United States Navy working on electrical equipment. Part of the preventative maintenance that needed to be performed on the equipment was to remove all dust and debris from the inside of the cabinets. Vacuuming alone would not thoroughly accomplish this because you could not efficiently get around all the components. Blowing out the cabinets with compressed air would just cause the dust and debris to settle in other equipment cabinets, on equipment, and on the floor. The inventor would then have to spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess he just made. He knew there had be a better solution. After leaving the United States Navy, he was inspired to develop the Electrical Equipment Dust Collection System!

The invention combines the power of compressed air and a blow gun with the precision of a vacuum hose to help you displace and eliminate dust without harming delicate equipment. The unit is transparent and a bright LED helps you make sure you do not miss any spots - even inside your device.

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