Electric Golf Push Cart

A self-propelled push cart for all golfers wanting to walk instead of ride!

  • Wheels Provided with A High-Torque Motor
  • Hand-Held Remote Control Provides Forward, Reverse, and Braking Capability
  • Powered by Rechargeable Power Pack
  • Prevents Injuries
  • Easy to Transport


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Raymond C. Balmer of Georgetown, IN has created a new self-propelled push cart. Now golfers can gain all the exercise benefits of walking a course without the burdens associated with carrying, pushing, or pulling a heavy golf bag!

For some, using a push cart can be too hard on their body. They want the exercise of walking the golf course, but they are forced to use a golf cart to transport their bag. As a golfer and engineer, Raymond used his knowledge to come up with something he knows will be useful to all golfers wanting to walk instead of ride.

The Electric Golf Push Cart features two wheels powered by a high-torque motor. A hand-held remote control provides forward, reverse, and braking capability. A small rechargeable power pack keeps the cart going all day. After use, it collapses down for easy transport home. Less moving parts means fewer mechanical failures, leading to better reliability! The hub motor is also simpler than others on the market, as well as less expensive.

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