Eclipse Seat

Your own on-the-go seating area!

  • Resembles A Large Briefcase
  • Opens to Form a Portable Table and Chair
  • Size of a Carry-On
  • Is Carried Like a Piece of Luggage
  • Perfect For Use as An Eating Table or Desk


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Clive A. Lynch of Roslindale, MA has created a suitcase that turns into your own on-the-go seating area. Now you can sit down and enjoy your meal or get work done practically anywhere you desire.

While traveling, there can be a lot of wait time and a spot is needed to relax, eat, or work while you pass the time. However, some locations do not offer tables and chairs for travelers to sit, and even if they do, they are often occupied. Clive just knew there had to be a solution. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Eclipse Seat!

In its collapsed and stored position, the invention resembles a large briefcase, complete with an extendable carrying handle. When needed, both outer surfaces of the case open up 180 to form the table portion. Two side supports fold down to form the legs of the table. A separate folding chair, complete with a seat and back rest, connects to the exterior of the case and is simply unfolded when needed. Once constructed, the invention is perfect for use as an eating table or desk. Its overall construction is light and easy to carry. It can even be carried on the plane as carry-on if you decide to travel light. Multiple colors, styles, and sizes are possible.

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