Easy Stringer

Now you can use a skid steer loader to help you complete all your underground piping jobs with ease!

  • Allows For the Installation of Plastic Piping from A Reel
  • Also Provides for The Automatic Installation of a Tracer Wire
  • Increases Productivity
  • Travels Easily Over Rough and Muddy Terrain
  • Can Be Used on Skid Steer Machines, Tractors, Small Front-End Loaders, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dennis Timm of Dodge Center, MN has created an attachment that makes it possible to use a skid steer loader to help you complete all your underground piping jobs with ease.

The idea was born while installing tile in a strawberry field for a local farmer. The soil was very wet and slippery, and Dennis was having problems uncoiling the tile. The only equipment he could have possibly used in the field would have been a track machine or an ATV. Dennis just knew there had to be an easier way. He was determined to find something he could attach to his skid loader to make the task significantly easier. However, no attachments existed for this purpose. In turn, he was inspired to develop one!

The Easy Stringer is an attachment for a skid steer machine to aid in the installation of underground piping and associated tracer wire. It attaches using a universal mounting plate. A large reel holder attached to the plate keeps your plastic piping in the correct position while a smaller reel holds the tracer wire. With these features and the skid steer vehicle's wide tracks, you can now lay pipe and tracer wire while in motion, allowing you to complete your job quickly and efficiently!

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