Easy Scan Shop & Go

A revolutionary new way of shopping!

  • Eliminates All Lines in Stores
  • Saves Time
  • Allows You to Have Privacy with Your Shopping
  • Makes More Room for Merchandise Rather Than Checkout Lines
  • Cashier Just Scans Receipt


Utility Patent - 10,339,515

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Maurice D. Johnson of Battle Creek, MI has developed a revolutionary new way of shopping!

Waiting in line at the store is always a hassle especially these days when shoppers must be cautious of germs and viruses and distance themselves from others. When checking out, the shopper must remove all the items from the cart, have them scanned by a store employee or themselves, and then place them back in the cart. This not only takes time, but checkout registers occupy valuable floor space that could be used to hold additional stock for purchase and increase store revenues. Maurice just knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, he was inspired to create Easy Scan Shop & Go!

The invention is a shopping cart with an integrated UPC product code scanner, a weight verification system, credit/debit card reader, and associated electronics for shopper controlled direct purchasing. No longer will you have to stand in line to buy items before exiting the store. Now you can save time, avoid crowds, and have privacy with your shopping. It also makes more room in a store for merchandise, rather than checkout lines. By selecting cash, it will print out a receipt, so the cashier can just scan the receipt instead of every item. How easy!

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