Easy Lamp-Check Display

Verify the proper operation of your exterior lights right from the drivers seat!

  • Driver Pushes the Brake Pedal and Observes the Hand-Held Display
  • If Bulbs Are Working, the Light from Each Bulb Travels to the Display
  • Through Fiber Optic Cables
  • Left and Right Indicators Will Be Illuminated on the Hand-Held Display
  • Eliminates Potentially Hazardous Safety Issues and Fines


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John C. Dunham of Loudon, TN has developed a way to verify proper operation of your exterior lights right from the drivers seat!

While out on the road, John would constantly see vehicles with non-functioning brake lights. Drivers often do not realize when their lights are out since they are normally only on when they are driving the vehicle. This is both a safety hazard and a costly fine when pulled over. One day, John began experimenting with a piece of fiber optic cable. He would shine a flashlight into one end and watch the opposite end light up. He soon realized that could be a way of testing light bulbs. John made a prototype, stuck the suction cup to the lens cover over the brake light, and went over and stepped on the brakes. It worked beautifully! Now, his Easy Lamp-Check Display has been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention is used by attaching the fiber optic cable suction cups to the lens cover of any light you want to check. For example, the left and right brake lights. From the drivers seat, the driver pushes the brake pedal and observes the hand-held display. If the bulbs are working, the light from each bulb will travel to the display through the fiber optic cables. In turn, the left and right indicators will be illuminated on the hand-held display. This shows they are functioning normally, and the vehicle is safe to drive.

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