Easy Knife Pull

Allows one person to easily pull a knife assembly into a header!

  • For Use on Harvesting Combines
  • Reduces Time and Effort
  • Keeps Hands Away from Sharp Sections During Installation
  • Combines Stay Operational During Busy Harvest Seasons
  • Strong and Durable


Design Patent #D808,444

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Frederick L. Baranski of Port Austin, MI has created a device to aid in the replacement of a reciprocating knife on a grain header.

The grain header uses a series of sharp knife blades to cut down grain stalks. Of course, as with any mechanical device which sees continuous usage, these blades are subject to wear, failure, and subsequent replacement. Knives can be up to 35 feet in length and they must be routed through the mechanical structure of the grain header. It is a tough and dangerous job which exposes workers to sharp blade edges for up to thirty minutes at a time. As a farmer, Inventor Baranski always dreaded having to install one. He looked high and low to find a solution or at least an easier way. After coming up emptyhanded, he created the Easy Knife Pull!

This clever new invention is for use on harvesting combines. It reduces time and effort. It keeps hands away from sharp sections during installation. Combines stay operational during busy harvest seasons. It is strong and durable.

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