Easy Glide Twist Comb

Form twisting hairstyles with the Easy Glide Twist Comb!

  • Separates, Lifts, and Twists the Hair
  • Allows You to Easily Form a Curl Pattern in Any Desired Direction
  • A Swirl Loop at the Middle of the Comb Assists with Twisting Longer Hair
  • Gives Hair the Freedom to Glide Without Getting Snagged, Tangled, or Broken
  • Thick Slip-Resistant Handle Fits Any Size Hand


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Hana Carter of Los Angeles, CA has created a new comb designed to separate, lift, and twist the hair into twisting hairstyles.

The inspiration for the invention was born in 1997, when twist styles were becoming very popular. Another comb was being used to create these styles, but it was very challenging. The comb would cause snags, tangling, and would sometimes break off the hair. These days, even more people are using twist styles to start twisting/loking their hair into dreads. In turn, Hana was inspired to create a twist comb that would revolutionize all types and lengths of hair and make it easy to create styles of any kind. The Easy Glide Twist Comb is her solution.

But how does it work? Simply pick up sections of hair with the comb end and twist to form a curl pattern in any desired direction. A swirl loop at the middle of the comb assists with twisting longer hair. The swirl loop is controlled by wrapping long hair around this area, giving the hair freedom to glide without getting snagged, tangled, broken, or otherwise damaged. Twist sections of hair quickly with the thick handle that is slip-resistant and fits any size hand.

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