Easy Clean Toaster

Cleaning your toaster has never been quicker - or more thorough!

  • Full-Size Tray Covers the Entire Bottom of Toaster
  • Makes Cleanup Easy
  • Totally Eliminates Any Lingering Crumbs
  • Saves Time
  • Improves Safety


Utility Patent #11,071,410

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Millicent A. Clarke of New York, NY has created an innovative new toaster with a wider crumb tray for easy cleanup!

As a cleaner for several years, Millicent would always become frustrated when it came time to clean out a toaster. Although many toasters are provided with a crumb tray, they only catch about twenty percent of the crumbs. Not only is this frustrating, it can become a fire risk. With a toaster in almost every kitchen in America, Millicent just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she developed the Easy Clean Toaster!

The invention features a full-size tray that covers the entire bottom of the toaster to catch all crumbs. No longer will you have to shake, knock around, or turn the toaster upside down in an attempt to remove the crumbs that have collected. After toasting, you will simply remove the tray, empty it in the garbage, and slide it back into place. Cleaning your toaster has never been quicker - or more thorough!

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