Easy Carry Pants

Safe concealed carrying without the bulkiness and increased visibility of a conventional holster!

  • Concealed and Comfortable
  • Still Provides Ready Access to Handgun
  • Extremely Discrete
  • Secures Most Common Sized Handguns
  • Well-Known Manufacturing Methods


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dale and Carrie Garner of Yelm, WA have created a pair of pants with a special integrated side pocket for carrying a pistol. Now users will be able to carry a handgun without the bulkiness and visibility of a conventional holster!

Many choose to carry a handgun in a holster on the waistband of their clothing. However, holsters tend to be bulky and can twist and turn as the wearer moves about. This ultimately causes printing which is when the silhouette of the firearm can be seen through clothing or a jacket. Others simply carry the firearm in the pocket of their pants, which can be uncomfortable and can make it difficult to quickly remove the pistol. Inventors Dale & Carrie knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they created the Easy Carry Pants!

This clever new idea provides for concealed and comfortable carrying, while still allowing users ready access to their handgun. The pocket is specially shaped to hold a common sized handgun and is extremely discrete. The materials required to produce the invention are all readily available and well-known to manufacturers.

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