Easy Bottle Feeding for Kittens

Feed up to three kittens at the same time!

  • Securely Holds Formula Bottles
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Saves Time Over Having to Feed Kittens Separately
  • Kittens Can Nurse Next to Each Other as They Would with a Mother Cat
  • Ideal for Those Fostering Pets


Design Patent #D784,631

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tearsa T. Smesny of Baytown, TX has created a device that allows users to feed up to three kittens at the same time!

As a foster for bottle-fed kittens, Inventor Smesny needed a device that would help hold formula bottles so multiple kittens could be fed together. Her first prototype was a paper towel core. She cut two holes for each bottle. One was for the top of the kitten bottle and the other was wide enough to get the bottle into the paper towel core. At that point, she would screw the bottle lid with nipple onto the outside of the core, securing the bottle in place. That general idea worked well and has since been adapted into this clever new invention!

Inventor Smesnys new product securely holds formula bottles for kittens. It is easy and convenient. It saves time over having to feed kittens separately. Now they can nurse next to each other like with a mother cat. This product is ideal for those fostering pets. Want to learn more? Contact us NOW!


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