Easy Bag Separator

An innovative new hand-held device for separating individual plastic bags with ease.

  • Designed to Grip a Portion of a Bag for Easy Retrieval
  • Allows You to Bag Up Your Items Quickly and Get Going
  • Hangs From a Keychain for Convenience
  • Also Works on Produce Bags, Garbage Bags, and Coffee Filters
  • Great for Those with Disabilities and People with Dexterity Issues


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Edward J. Bletch of Fraser, MI has created an innovative new hand-held device for separating individual plastic bags with ease.

Plastic bags are notorious for static cling and the electrostatic attraction between bags can present an immediate problem for those bagging items in a checkout line. Not only is it frustrating, it wastes time and holds up shoppers wishing to get through the line quickly and move on with their day. Edward just knew there had to a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Easy Bag Separator!

This lightweight product is approximately three inches in length and features a rubberized cover at one end. The cover was designed to grip a portion of a bag for easy retrieval. This way you can bag up your items quickly and get going. It will also be beneficial for those with disabilities or dexterity issues. The invention simply hangs from a keychain, so it is close at hand when you need it. Various colors are possible.

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Additional Information

View Easy Bag Separator's official Website here

Developed in America

A portion of proceeds will go to American veterans and the TSC Alliance (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Alliance).


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