E-Z Sheets

Roll-out disposable bedding.

  • Convenient
  • High Speed Bedding Changes
  • Will Fit a Twin, Full, Queen,or King-Size Existing Bed
  • Cost Effective
  • Ideal for College Dorms, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Vacation Rentals, and More


Utility Patent - 11,147,400

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Judith A. Gorea of Utica, NY has created a way to quickly and easily replace dirty bedding with disposable clean bedding.

Changing ones bedding is a chore that often gets neglected. This is especially true in places like college dorms where many students will not change their sheets all semester! After visiting her nephews dorm, Judith realized things would never change unless students were presented with a convenient alternative. In turn, she developed E-Z Sheets!

At the end of any size bed, one set of sheets will be dispensed at a time, with the pillowcase secured between the fitted and flat sheet. Perforated edges allow one to quickly switch out the bedding. After a used bedding section is detached, a user will simply draw clean bedding from the roll and then place it on top of the mattress. It is that easy! This system will be ideal for college students in dorms. It will also be great for hospitals, nursing homes, vacation rentals, and more!

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Additional Information

Product is disposable, biodegradable, and made in America! This is a cost-effective solution for both college dormitories and hospitals.


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