Changing the way you snack at events!

  • Offers the Convenience of Getting More Food, Drink, and Sauce into one Container
  • Can Be Used for Here or To Go
  • Comes with Coupons to Help You Support Local Business
  • Connects Sponsors to Events and Events to Customers
  • Reusable, Recyclable, and Remarkably Sturdy
  • Can Be Customized to Fit the Needs of a Client

Story Behind the Invention

Several years ago, Adam Houghton started on his lifelong desire to develop a product that would help people in our country and around the world. He had no idea that product would be a unique, folding food box. He had originally set his sights in the accessory world, initially inventing a phone holder that could clamp to any surface. However, with a saturated industry and other patents with similar concepts in the works, he decided to change direction. One day, he attended an entrepreneurial meeting with other local business-minded people. There, he met a gentleman who needed help with some CAD work for his triangular pizza plate invention. Their business relationship led Adam to doing his own R&D for his product. He discovered that local pizza parlors wanted a pizza box that was more efficient. They then moved from plate to box. But Adam saw this as being something even bigger.

He went to Hobby Lobby, purchased a flat sheet of thin cardboard, and brought it back to his apartment. As his wife tended to their newborn baby boy, he sat on the living room floor cutting and folding until he formed a box with perforated edges using a fork and knife. His goal was to create a box that carried not only food, but drinks and dip cups as well. He worked with a manufacturer on this design and filed for a patent with a local patent attorney. Though he and his business partner no longer work closely together, his partner does still have stake in the company, and they regularly speak about their various ventures.

Adam's first sale was before Covid-19; a local car company sponsored 5,000 units for the University of Nevada, Reno. Shortly after, DYSBX made its first promotional video and had numerous promising sales. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced a change in direction again as large events shut down across the globe. Currently, they aim to have local companies sponsor boxes for local restaurants as a way to help an industry that has been hit hard from the Covid restrictions. Their goal is to alleviate some of the overhead from these small restaurants, and then to add in large events as things open up. DYSBX has come a long way since that initial box made on the living room floor of Adams apartment, and they plan to continue helping locally as well as globally by contributing net profits of 10-15% to non-profit organizations that their products directly affect. These good-willed companies are Living Water International, The Ocean Water Clean-up Project, and the Reforestation Project both nationally and internationally. Adam is looking to build DYSBX, LLC into a company that brings local businesses and the food service industry into a community that promotes and supports one another throughout the nation and globally.

Additional Information

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