This innovative vacuum nozzle adapter directs sanding dust into your vacuum and cleans the air and surfaces around your sander.

  • For Use with Electrically Powered Orbital/Vibrating Sanders
  • Connects To Most Makes and Models of Sanders
  • Helps Keep Hazardous Dust Out of Nearby Air
  • Works Better Than Other Sander Vacuum Adapters
  • May Reduce Need for Respirators
  • Works with Non-Holed Sandpaper


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Arsenault of Stockton Springs, ME has created an innovative vacuum nozzle adapter that directs sanding dust into your vacuum and cleans the air and surfaces around your sander better than a conventional capture bag.

While remodeling his home, Mark was delaying finishing drywall with joint compound due to the mess it would make. He purchased a $250 orbital drywall sander that connected to a vacuum to remove the drywall dust while sanding. He was hoping it would take care of 80-95% of the dust. However, it worked poorly, and he only used it for a half hour. He then decided to build a vacuum nozzle attachment to fit a vibrating sander. He hooked it up to the same Shop-Vac and was amazed at how well it worked! Mark was able to finish all the walls in one weekend. He never had to cover the furniture or wear a mask. There was no airborne dust! Now this idea has been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention features an outlet opening that connects to a vacuum hose, an intake opening that connects to the dust bag port of a sander, and 2 special wings to suck up dust and debris around the exterior of the sander. The wings fit the sander, capturing much of the dust, and then directs the dust through the intake opening. It then exits through the outlet port. You have an option to utilize non-holed sandpaper and finish your project in a cleaner, safer work environment with less mess. Plus, it fits most sanders thanks to adjustable mount adapters.

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