Dumbbell Yoke

Now you can perform barbell exercises using only your fixed dumbbells!

  • No Need to Invest in Weight Plates
  • Easy to Use
  • Slides Right onto a Barbell
  • Secures in Place with an Existing Barbell Collar
  • Strong and Durable


Design Patent #D881,302

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Benjamin Odell Greene of Fort Worth, TX has designed an innovative new way to use dumbbells like weight plates, so you dont have to purchase extra equipment.

Benjamin owns a complete dumbbell set with dumbbells ranging from 30 lbs. to 80 lbs. Every so often, he would get the urge to do barbell front squats and barbell Romanian deadlifts, but he couldnt. He thought it would be nice to just use his dumbbells like weight plates with some sort of yoke that could slide them right onto a barbell. With this idea in mind, he developed the Dumbbell Yoke!

Now there is no need to invest in weight plates if you already own fixed dumbbells. After placing a dumbbell in the yoke, you will simply slide the cradled dumbbell over the shaft of the barbell. You will then secure both in place with an existing barbell collar. Its that easy! With this clever new accessory, you will now be able to perform the same barbell exercises using only your fixed dumbbells.

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