Dual Fannie Pack

An innovative new personal item carrying system.

  • Handy Access to Small Personal Items
  • Clear Visibility
  • USB Port Capability
  • Solar Charging Source
  • Ideal for Nurses, Sporting and Entertainment Events, Beach Use, and More


Utility Patent #10278482

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Gloria McElveen of Casselberry, FL and Teri C. McElveen of Gainesville, FL have created an innovative new personal item carrying system.

There are many times when a better carrying system is required. As a nurse, Gloria never had the extra pocket space to carry around items like scissors, tape, and markers. At the beach, many people wont get into the water because they dont feel comfortable leaving their keys and money behind on their beach chair. There are also events like football games to consider. Often security will not let spectators inside without a see-through bag. Other times you could be out so long that your cell phone dies. With these things in mind, Gloria and Teri developed the Dual Fannie Pack!

This easily adjustable fannie pack features a front pouch and a rear pouch. Users will notice some of the packs exterior pockets are transparent, making it easy to find items and get through security at sporting events and concerts. The invention also offers USB port capability with a solar power source for charging personal electronics on-the-go. It is even waterproof and will float, if placed in water, making it great for the beach. Whether youre using it for recreation, or at work, it is sure to offer incredible convenience to get you through your day!

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