Dual Bait Tray

A must-have dual bait tray for fishermen.

  • Stores and Separates Over 10 lbs. of Bait Without Making a Mess
  • Keeps Bait Away from the Sun and Out of Cooler Water
  • Bait Stays Cool and Fresh
  • Non-Draining Tray with Two Sides Separates Bait to Eliminate Scent Mixing
  • Nonskid Rubber Feet on Base with an Elevated Cutting Board


Design Patent - D941,953

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and fishing enthusiast, Gary English of Clearwater, FL has designed a must-have dual bait tray for fishermen.

Keeping rigged or cut bait like ballyhoo, squid, and sardines separated, cool, and ready can be a struggle. It is also a messy endeavor. Gary just knew there had to be some sort of container to keep baits separated without making a mess. It would also have to keep the bait cool when moving to a different fishing spot. With these things in mind, he was inspired to create the Dual Bait Tray!

The invention stores and separates over 10 lbs. of bait without making a mess. It also keeps bait cool and fresh, while keeping it away from the sun and out of cooler water. A non-draining tray with two sides separates the bait to eliminate scent mixing. An elevated cutting board has even been incorporated for rigging or cutting bait. Grip ledges on the underside of the cutting board make it easy to lift and move. Non-skid rubber feet help prevent sliding when the tray is in use.

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