Drop Shot Defender

A way for tennis players of all skill levels to practice the return of a drop shot on their own.

  • Randomly Ejects Balls in Two Directions
  • Path of the Ball Mimics that of a Drop Shot
  • Teaches Fundamentals of Returning Drop Shots
  • Reinforces Good Techniques for Seasoned Players
  • Strong and Durable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leo Simon, III of Philadelphia, PA has created a device so now tennis players of all skill levels can practice the return of a drop shot on their own.

One of the trickiest shots in tennis is the drop shot, in which the ball is hit relatively softly and lands just over the net. A group of players can practice this, but what about those practicing by themselves? Especially during times of social distancing, a way to practice alone is something that is truly needed. As an avid tennis player, Leo loves the game of mix doubles, doubles, and most importantly, singles. He just knew there had to be a way to practice the return of the drop shot on ones own. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Drop Shot Defender!

The invention randomly ejects balls in two directions. The path of the ball mimics that of a drop shot, which comes nearly straight down, but just on the opposite side of the net. Beginning from the base line, the player must then quickly run to return the ball to the other side.

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