Drip Pad

The Drip Pad is a new kind of weather floor mat that provides enhanced protection for a vehicles carpeting.

  • Protects a Vehicle’s Carpet All Year Round
  • Especially Beneficial When Dealing with Melting Snow and Slush
  • Channels Help Direct Water Flow to Surface of Mat
  • Reinforced Pad Prevents Wear-Damage to Carpet Underneath
  • Easy to Install – No Tools Needed


Design Patent #D799,390; Utility Patent #10,046,686

Story Behind the Invention

Are you concerned about snow, slush, mud, and debris damaging the carpet in your vehicle? You need the Drip Pad!

Inventor Joseph Lazzara of Brossard, QB has created a new kind of weather floor mat that will provide enhanced protection for your vehicles carpeting.

The Drip Pad fits directly over the gas pedal on the floor, redirecting water from a drivers footwear onto the surface of the weather mat. This product is especially beneficial when dealing with melting snow and slush but is useful all year round. In the winter, it fits over the winter weather mats; in the summer, it protects the carpet from heel wear. Channels help direct water flow to the surface of the mat so it wont collect underneath the pad, stain, or damage your vehicles carpeting. Grooves work to stabilize the drivers foot. It is easy to install no tools are needed.

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