Drink Genie

This float with cooling beverage holder will keep your drink cold while swimming or soaking in the hot tub!

  • Hands-Free
  • Safely Secures Glass Containers
  • Long Term Cooling; Keeps Drinks Ice Cold
  • Great for Adult Beverages or Kid Drinks
  • Easy to Manufacture


Utility Patent - 11,141,012

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nigel Roffey of Lakeworth, FL has created to a float with a cooling beverage holder. This will be a must-have for pool parties or just an evening in the spa!

Although floating beverage coolers exist, theyre often far from user-friendly. Their bulkiness is inconvenient when transporting them to and from the pool, for example, and others are not particularly suited for holding an individual beverage container. Inventor Roffey wanted to keep his beer cold while enjoying his hot tub but couldnt find a hands-free solution that worked well. However, he knew leaving it perched on the edge wouldnt be safe, especially if he was drinking from a glass bottle. In turn, he created the Drink Genie!

This clever new invention is a hands-free way of safely securing your drink container for use in the pool, hot tub, and more. This floating beverage holder will keep your drink ice cold whether its an alcoholic beverage youre enjoying or something more kid-friendly.

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