Drag Eraser

The Drag Eraser works to reduce aerodynamic drag between multiple towed trailers.

  • Must-Have for Trailers Being Towed in a Tandem or Triple Configuration
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency
  • Saves Trucking Industry Money
  • Wind Screen is Flexible Yet Durable
  • Won’t Interfere with Loading Docks, Tow Motors, Loading Ramps, Etc.


Utility Patent #10,589,800

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark L. Calaway of Indianapolis, IN has created a product that works to reduce aerodynamic drag between multiple towed trailers.

While much emphasis has been placed on the mileage performance of passenger vehicles, large tractor-trailer rigs are a far bigger user of fuel. One significant disadvantage of the truck-trailer combination that cannot be overlooked is its aerodynamic shape. While convenient for hauling goods, their general box shape is terrible when going down the highway. This results not only in poor fuel economy but also places increased stress and strain upon the engine, transmission, and drive train as well. Likewise, aerodynamic drag between multiple towed trailers increases even more so when air streams get caught in between each trailer. This poor fuel economy and high operating costs results in not only reduced profits for the owner, but higher cost for all. In turn, Inventor Calaway has created the Drag Eraser!

This clever new invention is a must-have for trailers being towed in a tandem or triple configuration. It will increase fuel efficiency while saving the trucking industry money. The wind screen is flexible yet durable. It wont interfere with loading docks, tow motors, loading ramps, or etc.

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