Dough Decor

Rings that snap around your own rolling pin to create beautiful designs in baked treats.

  • Made of Food-Safe Silicone
  • Simply Switch Between Designs to Create Delicious Decorations
  • Rings for Holidays and Other Special Occasions
  • Saves Valuable Kitchen Space
  • Easy to Remove, Clean, and Store


Utility Patent - 11,751,575

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Carol Petersen of Snohomish, WA has developed a food-safe silicone ring that snaps around your own rolling pin to create beautiful designs in baked treats.

As an avid baker, Carol loves to personalize the pies she makes and create a different type of artwork on each pie to make them stand out from the rest. Although embossed rolling pins exist, buying multiple rolling pins can be expensive, plus they take up a lot of valuable kitchen space. Carol just knew there had to be a better way to add an artsy signature to your baking. In turn, she was inspired to create a decorative silicone ring that simply snaps around your own rolling pin!

The invention fits snugly around a rolling pin so that it rolls with your pin. Each ring has a different pattern, making it easy to switch between designs to create delicious decorations for your baked treats. There are even rings for holidays and other special occasions. When you are done, the rings are easy to remove, clean, and store.

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