Door/Safe System

A new security bar system that offers a robust level of intrusion protection.

  • Lightweight Yet High-Strength Aluminum Bar
  • Mounted at Mid-Point of the Door Using Spring-Loaded Clips
  • Prevents Doors from Being Pushed or Kicked In
  • Fits Doors of All Sizes
  • Must-Have for Any Home or Building in a High Crime Area
  • Can Be Used for Residential or Commercial Applications


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William Ehlers of Moss Point, MS has created a new security bar system that offers a robust level of intrusion protection.

As any homeowner will attest, security is an area of utmost concern. Deadbolts provide some sense of security, however, they do not prevent doors from being kicked or pushed in. They are just not dependable enough to offer the safety needed in the world today. After having a door kicked in, William knew a greater level of security needed to be available. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Door/Safe System!

The invention features an oval-shaped blocking bar made of lightweight yet high-strength aluminum that is installed on the inside of an entry door. The bar is mounted at the mid-point of the door using spring-loaded clips, also made of high strength aluminum. With the invention in place, it will be nearly impossible to gain entry, no matter how much force or pressure is applied from the opposite side. The system will be perfect for all entry doors in residential or commercial buildings.

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