Door Stop and Prop

The perfect solution for propping open doors, sliding glass, and even windows.

  • Works As a Shock Absorber to Prevent Glass from Breaking When Closed Too Hard
  • Acts As a Safety Device to Keep Children from Getting Their Hands Trapped
  • Door Can Be Pulled Open by Its Unique Gripping Crevices
  • Must-Have for Everyday Home and Office Use


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James M. Spears of Little Rock, AR has designed a door stop that acts as a bumper to prevent doors from slamming completely shut.

With this invention, James was inspired to solve several unique problems. Its primary purpose is to keep open doors from completely closing. This propped position will be particularly useful when moving furniture and appliances in and out of doors that cannot be left completely open. No longer will homeowners, workers, and movers have to deal with doorknobs when carrying in heavy items. The invention is also a must-have for everyday home and office use. In addition, the invention acts as a safety device to keep children from getting their hands smashed in a door or placing their hands into door jams at the wrong time.

The invention props open doors, sliding glass, and windows and works as a shock absorber to prevent glass from breaking when closed too hard. Because it is placed slightly above the doorknob, when necessary, the door can be pulled open by its unique gripping crevices.

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