Dig Free Sprinkler

Easy maintenance, repair and replacement of sprinkler heads no digging required!

  • For Use with Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads Used on Underground Irrigation Systems
  • Easy to Diagnose and Do Visual Checks
  • Makes “Do-It-Yourself” Possible
  • Saves Property Owners A Lot of Money
  • Prevents Lawn Damage


Utility Patent #11,059,067

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor S. Alex Afshin of Southlake, TX has created a new product that is the future of sprinkler head installation!

Every spring after the harsh and frozen winter, Inventor Afshins sprinkler system would need adjusted and the damaged heads would need replaced. One spring, he was quoted $1700 for this task. When questioned, the sprinkler repair man explained they spend most of the repair time digging around trying to find the heads before they are even able to repair or replace them. He further explained that only 25% of the cost is for the actual repair. The other 75% is for digging around. Inventor Afshin thought that was crazy and just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the Dig Free Sprinkler!

Now sprinkler head replacement is as easy as replacing a light bulb! This means property owners can now replace their own sprinkler heads no costly professionals needed! The invention makes it easy to diagnose and do visual checks for performance and water leaks. Plus, since they wont be buried in the dirt, the life of the sprinkler heads will be extended. This will also prevent lawn damage anytime a head needs replaced.

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