Deployable Fire Escape with Quick Slide Exit

Allows a user to evacuate a building without needing to walk or climb.

  • A Form of Exit for Those with Limited or No Mobility
  • Easy to Use
  • Substantially Lighter as a Structural Load on the Building
  • Takes Up the Width Space of a Window or Door on the Façade
  • Could Reduce the Cost of Insurance Premiums at Hospitals or Elderly Care Facilities


Utility Patent #9,108,071

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and engineer Jose Conde of Whitestone, NY has created an innovative new fire escape that allows a user to evacuate a building without needing to walk or climb.

His father had a small 3-story building in New York City with a traditional fire escape. However, they always had problems on the faade due to the oxidation and weight of the fire escape, leading to cracking. One day while Conde and his father were doing maintenance on the fire escape, they discussed removing it. Conde realized that most roofs in New York City are not pitched and so he started thinking about what could be done to keep this form of exit and reduce the weight of the structure. He also thought about the handicapped. How does a person with limited or no mobility get out of a building through a traditional system? They dont! The fire department must come in and get them out. This is a critical design flaw.

With these issues in mind, he created the Deployable Fire Escape with Quick Slide Exit. Even a person with no mobility in the bottom half of their body will be able to slide down and use their arms to open bands to pass to the next slide and keep going until they are out of the building.

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  1. Mazhar ul Haq Loan

    People r not very conscious of fire damage in hi rise bldg hence necessitating the use of low cost structure

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