Transforms the way you haul items on your trailer!

  • - Acts as an Extension to the Existing Handle of a Ratchet Strap
  • - Allows a User to Apply the Necessary Force Required to Tighten a Load More Securely
  • - Requires Less Physical Exertion
  • - Quick and Easy to Use
  • - Provides Peace of Mind


Utility Patent - 11,214,188

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Don Ferris of Canada has created a device to make hauling items on an open trailer safer and more efficient when using ratchet straps.

As a truck driver for over 32 years, Don is usually required to haul items on an open trailer. He always used the analogy in his head that when securing something down, if you could turn that load upside down and nothing moves, only then is it secure. This has always been questionable when it comes to ratchet straps because of the inability to get them as tight as they need to be in order to feel comfortable carrying a load around the general public. To get them as tight as required puts excessive strain on your arms, creating other issues. There has been many cases where Don has witnessed someone using ratchet straps inefficiently, and there has been many times where he has observed people losing the items they had tied down due to the inability to secure it properly. In the interest of public safety, operator confidence, and to prevent overexertion, Don was able to come up with an idea that is easy to use and solves a lot of issues.

The Dekhand acts as an extension to the existing handle of a ratchet strap so you can apply the necessary force required to tighten a load more securely. It also requires less exertion. You will now have total peace of mind that your load is not going anywhere once you have tightened the straps. It truly transforms the way you haul items on your trailer. You will no longer have to struggle to achieve total security -- with the Dekhand, it is simple!

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