Debris Catch

Temporary protection for a manhole opening!

  • Used During Construction and Renovation Projects
  • Protects Open Manhole from Dirt, Gravel and More
  • For Use on New and Existing Manholes
  • Quick, Easy, and Effective
  • Saves Companies Money


Utility Patent - 11,124,958

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leanne M. Gagliardi of Alberta, Canada has created a cost effective catching device for open manholes.

The frames of manhole covers are set flush with the paving surface to allow for the passage of vehicles and people. However, this means dirt, gravel and other foreign material can easily get into the manholes during construction and renovation projects. In turn, this material must be removed by hand or with a hydro-vac machine. Inventor Gagliardi knew there had to be a better, more practical solution.

Her clever new invention provides temporary protection for a manhole opening. It consists of a support base with adjustable grade ring, and a catcher liner. It can be used on new and existing manholes. Operation is quick, easy, and effective. Companies will be able to pass on the pricey hydro-vac machine and save money with Debris Catch!

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