DB Tools

Working with valve springs is now easier, more comfortable, and more efficient!

  • Battery-Powered Valve Spring Compressor
  • Built-In Compression Mechanism with Interchangeable Tips
  • Perfectly Sized to Fit Different Valve Springs
  • Uses Motor Power to Open and Close Its Jaws
  • No Longer Will Physical Strength Be Needed to Compress Springs


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald R. Brown of Montrose, PA has created an innovative new battery-powered valve spring compressor.

After being injured on a job, Donald had limited use of his left wrist and hand. This complicated things when trying to use a manual spring valve compression tool. There were also pinch points when using the manual tool as well. Not being able to take care of things you have done before is a pretty bad feeling. Donald had always worked on engines from a young age and now found it difficult. He realized a better tool was needed to make the job easier and allow him to continue working on engines despite his injury. He knew other people with arthritis or diminished strength could benefit greatly from a tool like this too. In turn, he was inspired to develop DB Tools!

The invention looks like a standard battery-powered drill, but instead of a chuck, it has a built-in compression mechanism with interchangeable tips perfectly sized to fit different valve springs. Instead of elbow grease, the invention uses motor power to open and close its jaws, releasing and compressing the valve spring without wearing out or injuring the worker. Plus, its lithium-ion battery is removable, making it easy to recharge or share with other battery-powered tools.

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