A new single serve condiment container with integral spreading apparatus.

  • Compact
  • Perfect for On-the-Go
  • No Mess or Waste
  • Simple to Use for All Ages
  • Environmentally Friendly


Utility Patent #10,940,993

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Gina Serkasevich and Caden Serkasevich-Calkins of Huffman, TX have created a single serve condiment container with integral spreading apparatus.

While sitting at the airport waiting to board, Gina and her two sons purchased a snack. Her sons each got a bagel one with butter, the other with peanut butter. However, trying to prepare the bagel on their lap while at their gate proved problematic. Her younger son unwrapped the top part of the butter packet and began to smear it over his bagel, but the butter squished down and made a mess in his hand. Only half of his bagel was covered in the end. Her other son was balancing his bagel on his lap while trying to open the peanut butter container and dropped his knife twice in the process. In the end, he gave up and just dipped his bagel into the container. This got them thinking. They just knew there had to be a way to fix this common problem. In turn, Gina and Caden developed Daub-it!

Now both children and adults can easily add a condiment to their meal with one hand, no mess, and no waste. The invention is prefilled with any type of condiment such as butter, cream cheese, jelly, syrup, peanut butter, ketchup, or mustard. Instead of juggling items around trying to prepare your food, you will simply puncture the package and use the top spreader portion like a knife! This will be ideal for fast food restaurants, airports, school or work lunches, sporting events, camping, and more!

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