Curved Shower Curtain

The Curved Shower Curtain provides a seal around a shower wall and tub to prevent water from escaping from the sides.

  • Bottom of Curtain is Curved and Contours Over Edge of Tub
  • Angled Plastic Insert Holds Curtain Against Wall
  • User Gains 4 to 5 Inches of Elbow Room
  • Magnet on the Outside Bottom at Both Ends of Curtain
  • Curtain is Cut Short to Decrease Soap Scum Build Up


Design Patent #D799,855

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nyron Webb of North Bergen, NJ has created a shower curtain that provides a seal around a shower wall and tub to prevent water from escaping from the sides.

The idea began when Inventor Webb had to take a shower in someones bathtub with a dirty shower curtain. He was able to push the rod with the curtain outward about four inches. This gave him more room and ensured that the curtain would not touch him during his shower. By doing this, he discovered that the bottom actually stuck and contoured over the top of the tub, preventing the curtain from blowing in. He later did the same thing when taking a shower in his own bathtub. He pushed the tension rod outward which created more room and a tighter seal. This is when his idea for the Curved Shower Curtain was born.

Not only does this curtain prevent water from escaping, users gain 4 to 5 inches of additional elbow room. An angled plastic insert holds the curtain against the wall. There is a magnet on the outside bottom at both ends of the curtain. The curtain wont blow in and mildew build up is greatly decreased.

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