Cupcake Cork

A true game-changer for baking enthusiasts!

  • Made of Durable Food Grade Silicone
  • Creates an Indentation in the Center of a Cupcake During the Baking Process
  • Leaves a Perfect Cavity for Your Favorite Fillings
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Pans or Manual Cake Removal
  • Perfect for Commercial and Home Bakers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tracy Guesnon of Humble, TX is set to revolutionize the baking industry with her invention, the Cupcake Cork!

With over 20 years of baking experience, Tracys journey began with crafting sugar-free treats for her diabetic father, leading her to explore cupcakes for their portion control and flavor diversity. The Cupcake Cork came to life after creating cupcakes with an unexpected filling at the center. The invention helped open the door to limitless flavor pairings, starting with the Devin Ding Dong, which quickly became a beloved family favorite. Now, the Cupcake Cork has been further developed and is ready for market!

But how does it work? Designed to create an indentation in the center of a cupcake during the baking process, the invention allows for effortless filling insertion. Simply pour your mixed batter into a cupcake liner, place the Cupcake Cork in the center, and bake. Once cooled, pull the tab to remove the cork, leaving a perfect cavity for your favorite fillings! The invention eliminates the need for separate pans or manual cake removal - making your baking process smoother than ever!

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