The Cryo-Releaser brings quick relief from body aches and pains!

  • Freezable/Cold Therapy
  • Shapes to Foot/Body
  • Releases Trigger Points
  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Especially Great for Plantar Fasciitis or Sciatica


Design Patent #D819,824

Story Behind the Invention

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Inventor Rebecca Moehlenbrock of Corsicana, TX has created a product to bring quick relief from body aches and pains!

As a massage and physical therapist, she would develop multiple muscular ailments while relieving her patients of their own aches and pains. She did not take the time to receive her own therapy and decided to utilize tools to get relief of her own. However, after overusing the tools, she would become very tender in these areas due to overworking the trigger points and tight regions of the body. She then thought, How nice would it be if I could incorporate ice with a similar device at the same time to decrease the inflammation caused from the overworking! This is where her idea of Cryo-Releaser was born.

This clever new invention is used to provide comfort and reduce pain in specific body areas with the application of cold therapy along with trigger point release. It shapes well to the foot and body. It can be used on multiple areas including, but not limited to, the back, neck, and base of the skull relieving tension headaches. It is exceptionally great for foot pain such as plantar fasciitis and many other foot ailments. Want to learn more? Contact us NOW!


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